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I am Carlos, and welcome to my personal site.

All my life (or since I remember) I’ve loved technology and all the possible ways it could make all our lives better. I am really optimist about the future of our society if we embrace technology for good (specially in emerging countries).

I love to connect people, ideas, problems and opportunities. I am big fan of design, but the worst designer ever!

This blog is a way to tell the world what I am doing and learning in my journey to be a #BetterDad, a #BetterLeader, a #BetterHusband and a #BetterCitizen.


Quick Bio

I am a Civil Engineer (and geek) from Palmira, Colombia. Since 2005, I live in Lima, Peru. I have worked and lived in: Cali 🇨🇴, Lima 🇵🇪, Cajamarca 🇵🇪, Georgetown 🇬🇾 and Santiago de Chile 🇨🇱.

I worked for 11 years at the biggest construction company in Peru. Then I started a career transition into tech products and was part of a ConstructionTech startup. Now I am helping the biggest bank of Peru to push for financial inclusion of the 2/3 of unbanked Peruvians using tech for people as our weapon of choice.

I am happily married, and I am the father of a lovely daughter.

I wrote in English and Spanish mostly about 👇🏻

Things I care

  1. Personal productivity and self-hacking: I am a big fan of automation, shortcuts, apps, and hyperconnected life. I am always looking for better ways of working, increase personal and team productivity. Also, I am on a journey to think clearly, to know me better, and eventually make better decisions.
  2. Parenting 4.0: How to raise kids in a 4.0 world and hyper-connect and digital world? How to develop happy, honest, secure, and confident kids when grew older would be better people, better citizens, and better professionals.
  3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in/for the emerging world: Capitalism is the best way toward our better future as a society (I am talking about the Conscious One). Company creation is the key, and Entrepreneurship the medium towards that.
  4. The future of Latin-America: Combining 1, 2, and 3, how can I help improve Latin-America’s future as a society toward the status (hopefully) of the development world? There are a lot of problems and things to do, and for me, it means a vast amount of opportunity to help and serve.